Thursday, August 08, 2019

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 8

Today's happiness -- The new boy. Hamid is here on a working visa, so I don't know how long he can stay with us, but I hope he ends up having a long career in Chicago.

He is so very enthusiastic! He wants to know why I make each creative decision. He's filled with suggestions. He is always doing research. I'm accustomed to jaded account executives, and Hamid is anything but.

And he's genuinely nice. Whether he's texting to make sure I got home safe from the client meeting (Tuesday evening) or bringing me potato chips for sustenance (this afternoon), he seems eager for us to feel like teammates.
Each day in August you are to post about something that makes *you* happy. Pretty simple. And, it doesn't even have to be every day if you don't want it to be. It's a great way to remind ourselves that there are positive things going on in our lives, our communities, and the world.

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