Friday, January 18, 2019

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: '65 Love Affair (1977)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) The first line of this song is, "I was a car hop." Car hops used to take orders and bring diners food to eat in their cars. Today, the drive through lane has pretty much replaced car hops. Think about the last time you went to a fast food restaurant. Did you order at the counter or at the drive through window? Friday I went to Subway for lunch. I ordered at the counter. (Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a Subway with a drive through.)

2) Mr. Davis sings that his girlfriend was "bad with her pom-poms." Presumably she was a cheerleader. Share one of your school's cheers. Beat 'em, bust 'em! Beat 'em, bust 'em -- that's our custom. We are gonna readjust 'em!

3) The lyrics tell us he believes that if he could go back in time, his girl would still be his. If you could travel back in time to your high school years, what would you enjoy doing again? What would you do differently? I enjoyed watching our basketball team (the only sports team we had that didn't completely suck). I would have taken my Spanish class more seriously. The younger we are, the easier it is to learn languages, and I think that speaking Spanish would expand my world immeasurably.

4) During his performing days, Paul Davis sported a full beard and flowing hair. We're using that to check your powers of observation and recollection. Think of the last man you spoke to. Who was he? Describe his hair, and tell us whether he was clean shaven. My neighbor, Mr. Bryant. He has white hair and a sparse, very white goatee.

5) Paul Davis was born in Meridian, MS, and that's where he returned to when he went into semi-retirement in 1982. Meridian's biggest employer is the Naval Air Station in Meridian. Do you know anyone who is currently in, or employed by, the military? My oldest nephew is in the Navy.

6) He was a pool player and a golfer. Which sport are you better at? Ha! I'm bad at both of them!

7) Sadly, he died in 2008, on the day after his 60th birthday. His best friend remembers him as "a homebody," who enjoyed staying up long into the night with his friends, playing and listening to music. Describe your perfect way to spend an evening. Pizza and a movie.

8) The publishing rights to "'65 Love Affair," as well as Paul Davis' bigger hits ("Cool Night" and "I Go Crazy"), are owned by another Paul -- Paul McCartney. Sir Paul's MPL Publishing Company has made him a very rich man, and Paul says that's because he chose to invest in music, something he loves. What about you? If you were to invest in a business or industry you love, which would you choose? Something related to pets.

9) Random question --You're at a party and one of your host's best friends is a real egghead who tries to draw you into a conversation about paradigmatic counter existentialism. Would you: a) just listen politely while letting your mind wander; b) admit you don't know what the hell he's talking about; c) explain why you personally feel that the counter existential paradigm just adds unnecessary complexity to the individual's search for meaning? A. And I hope there's a nearby window my mind can wander through.


  1. We have a Subway with a drive-thru window, but it's the only one I've ever that you mention it. Many thanks to your nephew for his service!

  2. I don't think Subway is very conducive for drive-thru each sub is made to order.

  3. We have a few Subways around here that are drive thru. Love the cheer!

  4. I actually did stumble upon a Subway with a drive though, but we ended up going inside anyway. It is a hard place to order through a drive thru.
    Your cheerleaders sound gangsta'! Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  5. Pizza and a movie sounds like a perfect evening. right now my husband can't eat milk products so that will have to wait.

  6. That's a great cheer! The one cheer I remember because it was used a LOT at noon rallies.
    Most of my family's kids didn't go into the service. Except for one is in the coast guard. But that's not the armed services I don't think. Anyway... thank you to your Nephew for his service.

  7. Ah, no one wants to have a philosophical discussion. Sigh. Oh well. Looking out of windows is good too. And I'm glad the chiropractor can help you (other post). I see one because I have "slipping rib syndrome" and she is enormously helpful with that. And I have never seen a Subway with a drive-thru, either, now that you mention it.

  8. I have to say, I like that cheer!

  9. I like philosophy a lot. I really enjoy these as its a good way to get to know people.

  10. We do have drive through Subways around here. However, it has been a while since I visited one.