Tuesday, January 29, 2019

It makes sense now

I've seen every episode of Friends. Many more than once. And so I've often glanced at the Laurel & Hard poster in Chandler and Joey's apartment. But I never really paid attention to it (I thought Stanley was wearing bunny ears) or gave it any thought.

Now I get it. I recently saw Stan & Ollie, which inspired me to learn a bit more about Laurel & Hardy. I came upon the 1928 silent movie, Leave "Em Laughing, and realized how much like the Friends Laurel and Hardy were.

Like Stanley, Joey is forever childlike and bumbling. Like Ollie, Chandler is exasperated and impatient but ultimately loving toward his silly pal.

As luck would have it, Leave 'Em Laughing is the movie that poster was taken from. (And those aren't bunny ears; Stanley has a toothache).

1 comment:

  1. Neat observation! I also have seen every episode of Friends, it's one of my go-to reruns.