Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday Stealing


What season has your favorite looks? Fall, I suppose. I'm always happy to see my sweaters again, and I enjoy shopping for new ones.

    Formal or casual? Casual.

    Thrift store, boutique, or online? I have begun appreciating thrift stores more. A lot of it is the thrill of discovery. My greatest find was last spring, when I got a like-new black trench ($175 MSRP @ Nordstrom's) for $14!

    What’s your favorite decade for fashion? OH, definitely the 1960s! I love Jackie's clean lines.

    Do you like to accessorize? No. I think less is more.

    What does your basic outfit look like? Jeans and a pullover. If it's a dressier occasion, I'll wear a t-shirt with a shrug in spring/summer or a jacket/cardigan in fall/winter.

    What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most? Winter coats or boots are the most expensive. I buy lots of sunglasses because I lose them.

    Do you wear hats? Nope. Hoods or earmuffs, please.

    What is your opinion on wearing socks and sandals together? I have a low opinion of this.

    What colors do you like to wear? Blue, black and gray (which I guess is really just a muted black, isn't it?)

    What are some of the strangest outfits you have seen? On the el, I've seen some interesting looks. I'm especially fascinated by overweight women wearing sexually suggestive t-shirts ("You wish you could handle these," "Give me something to scream about," etc.). I wonder where they're going that this is appropriate attire, and whether they really believe they're all that.

    What fashions do you hate? "Hate" is a strong word, but I really don't get distressed jeans.

    What are your favorite styles? I like tailored looks. If I still had the body I had when I was 25, I would love to wear Emma Stone's Oscar 2018 look.

    What do you think of body piercing? It's not for me.

    Do you like dyed hair? I like mine dyed. Been doing it for (gulp!) almost 40 years.


  1. I have gotten so I change "hate" to dislike in the questions because it *is* such a strong word. There are very few things or people in the world I hate. You are much more into fashion than I ever thought about being. It was one thing I liked about Kinsey in Sue Grafton's books - she was no fashionista. (And you're right, her last book was dark. Her last several books had been drifting away from Kinsey into stories I think she wanted to tell but couldn't find a way to do without Kinsey.)

  2. Jackie was one classy lady! Oh, those inappropriate t-shirts (and other items)...I sometimes wonder if people have any mirrors in their homes.

  3. Jackie always looked so amazing! Beautiful woman!
    I wish I had the body I had when I was younger, I could wear so many more things. UGH! Loved your answers! Have a great day!

  4. I struggle with those types of tshirts--trying to explain to my students why they're not appropriate for school when their parents show up to conferences in getups like that... oy!