Saturday, December 15, 2018

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: We Need a Little Christmas (2006)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) At the beginning of this recording, Daffy says he hopes all his friends remember his size, style and favorite color. What piece of clothing would you like to add to your wardrobe? I'm on the lookout for jeans. My favorites -- Amanda by Gloria Vanderbilt -- were always on the rack at Carson's. But Carson's (perhaps it was Bergner's or Bon-Ton in your neighborhood) is gone.

2) His friends are late for Daffy's holiday soiree. Think about the last get together you attended. Were you early, late or right on time? I was 10 minutes late meeting my niece and her boyfriend for our Christmas lunch. I was getting my hair cut, and my stylist wanted to give me a little Christmas present. I couldn't very well hurry him up when he was being nice. (My niece and her beau were very gracious.)

3) It hasn't a snowed a single flurry where Daffy is. Have you had to shovel yet? I never shovel. I live in a multi-unit building and we pay a guy to do it. But, in the spirit of the question, yes, we have had enough snow to warrant shoveling.

4) Daffy sings that he's looking forward to fruitcake. How about you? Are you a fruitcake fan? Nope. I'll be curious to see if anyone answers this in the affirmative.

5) Daffy is an American Black Duck. Their usual diet doesn't generally include fruitcake. These ducks more commonly dine on seeds, foliage and bugs. What was your most recent meal? A handful of crackers. I have a cold and have been taking Dayquil. Which, I have learned, contains Guaifenesin, and Guaifenesin messes with my stomach. I'm starting to feel better this morning, so I'm done with Dayquil and am looking forward to eating again.

6) The only Christmas card Sam has received so far this year is from her insurance agent. She never sees her agent socially. In fact, she doesn't think she's seen him at all in 2018. Have you received many cards this year? If so, were they from people you feel close to? So far I've got 8. Two are from charities, six from friends.

7) When do you start holiday shopping: Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving/Black Friday, Halloween? I do my shopping all year around. If I find the perfect thing, I snap it up. It's a habit I got from my mom.

8) Sam was recently driven crazy by kids running through store aisles wearing elf hats with bells. Do you have any apparel that makes noise? Nope. All my clothes are blissfully silent. Though the buckles on my briefcase do clack-clack if I don't shut them securely.

9) This time of year is big for charitable fundraising. Here's your chance to plug a cause or organization that's near and dear to you. Your local animal shelter. National organizations do good work, but if you can, give directly to the shelter in your town so your money will do more good faster. For a shelter near you, visit petfinder.

My cat, Connie, still at the shelter while we were filling out the paperwork.


  1. #4 I used to pick out the candied fruit
    #5 I am just getting over a cold that the grandkids gave to us from Thanksgiving.

  2. This cold season has been brutal already! I was on Dayquil and Nyquil for two weeks and finally off, but this is my second go around with illness.
    I love animals. There is a lady on facebook that does amazing things with animals I would love to be able to give money to and I am hoping one day I can help her...Josh and his critters is one of the facebook pages. Her name is Tina and she saves animals on death row with medical issues that make them unadoptable. Loved your answers! Have a great weekend!

  3. Guaifenesin gives me the jitters and makes me bounce off the walls; I can't take it at all. I do occasionally but I make sure it's in the morning and I'm not going to be around anyone. (And I'm the one who doesn't entirely dislike fruitcake.)

  4. I have a few pairs of Amanda jeans that I got at JC Penny online. I might have gotten them after you mentioned them!

  5. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. I haven't had a pair of those since they were the jeans to have (right after Jordache) back in the early 80s! I never even thought to look to see if they were still around. Now I know. I'm glad you are feeling better today.

  6. I swear that I have seen those Amanda jeans at Kohls. I know what you mean about missing Carson's etc. Our mall is really different without Bergners. I am still in shock about it I think.