Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Who's a good boy?

Reynaldo is a good boy! This morning, after breakfast, he took a nap and he was so cute. He was dreaming, and suddenly sat upright, turning his head this way and that, all while still sleeping. Finally, he curled back into a fur shrimp.

He is 14 now. That makes him about 72 years old in human years. He is still exasperatingly naughty at times. Still lively -- as you can see above, even in his sleep. But he naps now, more than ever. So much so that his partner in crime, Connie, is getting bored. And he's had some health problems. Easily handled, but still, they make me realize our time together isn't long.

This afternoon, I made him happy by putting him in his carrier and taking him to the park. From his vantage point in the shade, he saw a squirrel and a bird and blades of grass moving. Being Rey, he was fine as long as he knew as I was there beside him. I'm still his obsession.

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