Sunday, August 05, 2018

Saturday started as a good day ...

but it ended here.

The Cubs won (and my dear Rizz got a homerun). I'm happy with the ceiling fixture I picked up at Sears. I was off to grab an early, quick dinner and then do a little shopping at Target. The pizza place I planned on was filling up fast and with families. (The movie theater next door is showing Teen Titans.)

So instead I tried a new place. New to me, that is. This bistro has been here for more than a decade. For one reason or another, I never tried it before. I was looking at their carryout menu and was surprised when two members of the waitstaff* came out with the "real" menu and invited me to come back some time.

They were so nice, I said "why not now?" I had a lovely seat by the window where I could enjoy my good book. The manicotti was delicious. The bread basket was bottomless. The side salad was generous.

Oh, yeah. And I had the drink of the day: The Wicked Peach for $7. The worst $7 I've spent in a long time.

I asked the ingredients. All I remember is peach schnapps and peach flavored ice tea. Judging by the wicked migraine I had overnight, the ice tea must have included artificial flavoring. And that triggers mayhem in this old gal's bod.

 No day off should include your face in the toilet.

As I tried to sleep -- difficult with your head in a vice -- my comfort was, of all things, The Kardashians. The E! network was running a marathon, and there was something strangely comforting in coming in and out of consciousness with them still there. Kris was upset with Caitlyn/Bruce's book, Kourtney's baby daddy was disappointing her, Kendall was doing a photo shoot in India, Kim was speaking in a very flat voice ...

I've never seen this much Kardashian in my entire life, and I don't think I'll ever tune in again. But Saturday night, these girls served their purpose.

*Turns out one of them, the waitress who ultimately took care of me, is also the owner.

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  1. Oh--I hope you're much better today!

    Funny how the Kardashian dramas haven't changed at all from "episode" to "episode".


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