Tuesday, August 21, 2018

One step up, two steps back

That's the story of my finances these days! I finally figured out a way to pay for my bathroom remodel and scheduled two contractors to estimate the work. They're coming by Wednesday.

But then Chase tells me that my mortgage payment is going up $150/month. It's escrow, reflecting an increase in my property value and famous Cook County taxes. I can pay this -- shit, I have to pay it, I have no choice -- but it will be a pinch. Just when I was figuring my budget was going to feel less pinched!

And then there's the Epipen shortage. I am allergic to bee sting. If I get stung and I don't get fast treatment, I could die. The Epipen I've been carrying in my purse is expiring on September 1. Last week, I called Walgreens -- the pharmacy chain preferred by my insurance company -- is completely out of Epipens and has no idea when they'll get more. I asked the pharmacist what he suggested I do. He told me not to bother with CVS, as they don't have any either.

OK, that's what I shouldn't do. But what should I do? After all, the one in my purse expires on September 1. Will neighborhood drugstores have a fresh supply in the next 10 days.

"I don't know."

I found a local, independently-owned pharmacy that had one in stock. One. They were nice enough to call my doctor and get my prescription, even though they know I'm kinda contractually-bound to Walgreens. But, because they aren't a preferred pharmacy, I have to pay a steep price.

Like $500.

Now that's a year supply. And it's $100 less than it would be without insurance. And I'm lucky to get one, because there's a drought in my area.

But this is $650 that I have to come up with ... NOW. $650 I wasn't planning on spending at all.

I'm 60, and I still don't have this money thing figured out. I guess that means I'm never going to have this money thing figured out.

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  1. Please read before you drop the cash!! https://offspring.lifehacker.com/your-expired-epipen-may-be-fine-according-to-the-fda-1828493465