Saturday, July 21, 2018

I can do this job!

There are days when I feel like I add value to my client's efforts, when I know I made a unique contribution. Friday was one of those days.

One of our clients, Doug, really cares about his projects. His passion is touching, especially when you realize that his projects depress everyone else. He promotes care for the long-term ill and disabled. The only time I ever use "toilet" as a verb is when I'm working on Doug's projects.

No one wants to works on Doug's projects. I admit that includes me. It reminded me of my uncle's slow decline via Parkinson's Disease. It reminded me that I am alone and 60. It's not a feel-good.

But it's my job. And it's Doug. And Doug deserves my best effort.

Friday I presented his new brochure to him and his assistant, Becky. I dialed up the energy to 11 because I know Doug isn't used to us matching his enthusiasm. I walked him through it, paragraph by paragraph, photo by photo. I explained why it was on brand, how it was emotionally resonant.

Doug and Becky thought I was hitsville. Not only that, this was the first time our new account supervisor, Amanda, saw me in action. She was as impressed as Doug.

And you know what? Right now, I'm feeling pretty good about me, too.

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