Saturday, July 21, 2018

But then there's Joe

Ok, so Friday's Cub game wasn't so good.

And, after the 7-run 4th inning, it was effectively out of reach.

But we Cub fans still had something to root for. Our manager, Joe Maddon. He is genius!

This game went into the record books. Not (just) because the Cubs sucked, but because Joe allowed three position players to pitch. The final outs were made by third baseman Tommy LaStella, first baseman Victor Caratini and right fielder Ian Happ.

Joe saved the arms of his bullpen for more important fighting on Saturday, and he gave 40,000 Cub fans in the stands something to enjoy in a ridiculous game. You can just imagine them elbowing one another and laughing "Shit! Joe's letting LA STELLA pitch? What will Joe do next?

We have the most audacious, entertaining manager in the majors.


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