Friday, May 25, 2018

At least I know I'm needed

Monday was a very tough day for me. It began with debilitating pain and ended with me filled to the gills with medication. And so I took my doctor's advice and stayed home on Tuesday ... taking it easy, letting my body become acclimated to the alpha blocker/opiod mix.

I let my boss know I'd be out. And then I checked my email. That was the moment it all went bad. In preparation for The Big Move, the company reconfigured our email on Monday morning. I logged on, just to make sure I could.

Oh, boy. I saw a meeting I needed to attend scheduled for 10:30. I shot the team an email, saying I wouldn't be there (obviously), but I gave them my input on the project.

I started getting responses, and phone calls, as though I was sitting there in the office. This letter needs to be rewritten ... We need another version of this promotional mailer ... Is this sell sheet OK?

I responded with, "You know I'm not there today, right?" and "This isn't a work-from-home day, this is a sick day for me," and finally, "I"m logging off now. If you need anything else, you have to talk to my boss." In all, I worked about 5 hours from my dining room table.

Naturally, I resented it. The complete lack of regard for my personal welfare was not cool.

On the other hand, it was gratifying to know that there wasn't anyone else at the agency who could do what I do. If you're a regular reader of this blog,* you know that's been a worry. So my insecurity/ego mitigated my indignation.

*And yes, you silent lurkers, I see you out there! I hope you know how much I appreciate your return visits and readership.


  1. It is reassuring that they depend on you and that no one else can do what you do. But holy moly 5 hours of work from home on a sick day? Yuck.

  2. Etiquette... sheesh! But, as Kwizgiver says, That is so YUCK! five hours you should have been resting.