Sunday, April 01, 2018

April Challenge -- Day 1

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Five problems with social media.

1) It can be competitive. I don't like myself when I'm competitive. And yet, on my birthday, I look to see how many Facebook birthday wishes I received, concentrating on the number of messages rather than what they say.

2) It celebrates the superficial. When people post mundane stuff -- like the laundry detergent they use or what's included in their brown bag lunch -- they get ripped for being self involved or (worse) boring. So instead, we all post about the glam stuff. Let's take a peek at the FB page of my former coworker, Doreen. Because her husband is partner in a law firm with offices in both Chicago and New York, she has apartments (beautiful condos) in both Chicago and Brooklyn. In March she posted about her boxing lessons at a trendy Manhattan gym, posed with bagpipes on St. Patrick's Day at a chic fundraiser for the FDNY, and had lunch along the Potomac with girlfriends (a quick getaway to DC). Now, I could ask myself if all this makes her happy, or I could just be happy for her. Instead, I hate how dingy my life looks next to hers. Thanks, Facebook.

3) Disinformation. We all know about the political shenanigans, but really, it's everything:

•  There's been a Facebook post going around for years that claims Goodwill pays their CEO, Mark Curran, $2.3 million/year. It's simply not true. Their CEO is Jim Gibbons, he makes a fraction of that, and Charity Watch gives Goodwill an A rating.

•  A guy on Twitter claims to be actor, stuntman and "Hollywood Bad Boy" Stephen Oliver. Mr. Oliver died in 2008. I busted him for this, and he responded by blocking me. Aside from wondering why anyone would impersonate such a little-known actor, I wonder about the real Mr. Oliver's family and friends. Does he have their permission to spout opinions under this guise?

4) Bullying. 

5) The whole rabbit hole/time suck thing.

I didn't say more about 4 and 5 because they are obvious and, well, why waste time explaining why it's bad to waste time online?

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