Tuesday, February 06, 2018

2017 Giving

While watching This Is Us, I organized all my 2017 receipts for my tax preparer. I gave to 28 charities in all, and here are my Top 10, the ones I donated to the most. This list feels like a snapshot of what's important to me right now.

My church

Tree House Animal Foundation -- a cageless, no-kill cat adoption center


Harmony House for Cats -- One of Chicago's smaller shelters, and it's struggling

Feeding America -- A national organization devoted to helping those in need

My local food pantry -- In addition to dropping off canned goods, I've begun donating cash.  When they shop, a $1 goes much further than when I'm at the grocery store.

Planned Parenthood -- With Trump in the White House, it's more important than ever to support women's health and freedom

Toys for Tots

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation -- Just because I can't afford to go back doesn't mean others shouldn't enjoy/learn

Fried's Cat Shelter -- One of my uncle's favorite causes. I generally try to keep my animal welfare donations local, and Fried's is in Indiana, but whenever I want to remember my late uncle, I make a contribution. Also, they, like other animal shelters, have been struggling lately, so I'm glad I have a chance to give them a shout out.

The couple you see in this photo are Hans and Lucille Fried. They escaped Nazi Germany and immigrated to the US in 1939. Upon their retirement, they sold their house, bought an old motel, and turned it into a shelter for cats. Why is this the way they chose to spend their golden years? Because they never got over what they saw in the land of their birth. I will let the late Hans Fried put it in his own words:

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