Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sunday Stealing


1. What’s your favorite thing about the holidays? The good will. The hugs and kisses and wishes for a happy holiday season.

2. Do you send out Christmas cards and if so how many do you send? I sent 25-30.

3. Be honest: holiday newsletters. Love ‘em or hate ‘em? Hate 'em.

4. Be honest: photo cards. Love ‘em or hate ‘em? Depends on how I feel about the family.
5. How soon do you start shopping? I shop all year around.

6. Real or fake tree? No tree. I won't be home on Christmas to enjoy it.

7. When do you put up your tree? See above.

8. When do you take down your tree? See above above.

9. Describe your typical tree (size, decorations, type) Here's my tree, the last time I put it up. That's Reynaldo trying to decide how to respond to this massive temptation for mischief.

10. What do you top your tree with? A cat angel

11. Do you put Christmas lights outside your house? Nope

12. Is there a wreath hanging on your door? Yes. It's a grapevine wreath (no needles). I spray it with cinnamon and apple once/week. That scent makes me happy when I put my key in the door.

 13. Do you hang up stockings? No

14. Your favorite Christmas Movie(s) Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol and Die Hard

15. Be honest: A Christmas movie you don't like I just watched Dick Van Dyke's Fitzwilly (1967) for the first time. It pains me to say this, because I adore DVD, but it's stupid.

16. Favorite Christmas Song(s) Andy Williams singing "Happy Holiday."

17. Be honest: If I hear this/these Christmas songs again I will throw up Dean Martin's version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside." It sounds particularly lecherous from him.

18. Give or Receive? Yes

19. Eggnog or Mulled Cider? I haven't had mulled cider in so long, I'm not sure.

20. Ham or Turkey?  I like them both.


  1. I like your very HONEST answer to #4! And as for #6, will you be in Key West again this year? If so, tell it how much I'm missing it! ;)

  2. I've never heard of "Fitzwilly," but given your review I guess I don't have to go looking for it.
    Almost everything sounded lecherous when it came from Deano. I think the cutest version I've ever heard is by Jase Robertson and his wife (yeah, the Duck Dynasty people). It is absolutely adorable.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Under the current climate, that "Baby It's Cold Outside" sounds kind of creepy regardless of who sings it. Enjoy your time in Key West; I hope you have loads of fun.

  4. The flip side of "Baby it's Cold Outside" is perhaps "Santa Baby" especially as sung by Eartha Kitt.

  5. I have never liked "Baby It's Cold Outside." I should have put that as my answer.