Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Stealing

Bah Humbug! 

TV show I loathe: Seinfeld

Movie I loathe: Anything with subtitles. I'm very lowbrow when it comes to foreign films.

Music genres I loathe: Classical and opera

Magazine which annoys me: National Enquirer. I enjoy trash on occasion, but the Enquirer is insulting to my intelligence.

Makes me cranky at restaurant: Slow service

Makes me cranky in public: People who take up too much space. You don't get two seats on the train unless you pay for two seats!

Makes me impatient at home: When the electricity or cable/internet go out

Makes me impatient at work: EVERYTHING these days!

Celebrity I hate: Patricia Heaton of The Middle and Everybody Loves Raymond. Shrill, unfunny and none too bright.

You're not even remotely likeable, or funny, or credible. Go away.

Music artist I hate: Eminem

I could NOT care less about: The HGTV celebrities. You know, those twins. And the couple from Flip or Flop who are getting divorced. Or maybe they quit their show. I don't know because I could not care less.

Blogger's habit that annoys you: I don't have one. If I don't like your blog, I won't visit it. Problem solved.

Feature on your blog you hate: If there was something here I hated, I'd change it.

Politician that you hate: Steve Bannon. What a hostile  jerk.


  1. Didn't Steve Bannon get fired? Probabaly a good thing. there are lots of antagonists out there.

  2. I hated Seinfeld when it was originally on, but now that it's in constant reruns my older self can see more of the humor. Though there are episodes that are just plain annoying in their whining.
    We don't particularly like Patricia Heaton, either. I do admit to liking her just a hair more on The Middle than on Everybody Loves Raymond.

  3. Bannon gives me the creeps. I don't understand how someone could go to Virginia Tech and come out thinking like that, but I guess it happens. The idiot that runs the NRA also comes from my area. I'm sorry, I shout to you and the world.

  4. I love Seinfeld. The one thing we don't have in common!

  5. I have not watched Seinfeld much, maybe 5 episodes at the most. I could never get into it.