Saturday, September 09, 2017

The Round Up

So much is going on with my friends and loved ones! So little of it is good!

My oldest friend is battling depression big time this week. She was told that, on October 9, she will be unemployed. The doctors she works for have sold the practice to a Catholic, not-for-profit healthcare service. Ironically, this company that prides itself on providing affordable healthcare to those in need, has told her that the job she needs so badly has been eliminated in the merger. So now, at age 61, with little money in the bank and a litany of health problems, she's starting over ... again. This is the fourth (fifth?) job she's had since she's moved to California. She only left one of her own volition. She's bereft. Unfortunately, I really can't be there for her right now. I'm too keyed up about Hurricane Irma. Besides, I tried to call her right after she shared the news and she didn't bother to pick up. When she gets like this -- when she doesn't want to talk, just wants to pour her feelings out in email after email -- there's little I can do for her. I love her, I depend on her, I worry about her. But I know her. She doesn't want to hear from me. She just wants to know I'm here.

My cousin and aunt are fine. Not happy, but fine. Though they don't know each other -- different sides of the family -- they both happen to live outside Tampa. Cousin Rose is headed for Birmingham with her sister. My aunt, her husband and their big poodle are may already be in Macon. I'm worried about what they will return to after Irma, but at least I know they are safe right now.

My friend Barb has more worries. Yes, she just lost the love of her life to cancer. Yes, she is pre-occupied with planning his memorial service. Yes, she has serious health problems of her own. And yes, the beautiful new home they built -- from scratch, to spec, over the space of more than a year -- is in the path of Hurricane Irma. Hilton Head, SC, has been evacuated. I tell myself this may be a blessing. If God and Mother Nature take her house out, then she doesn't have to decide whether or not she wants to live in it without her beloved husband.

The Cubs lost to the Brewers this evening. At any other time, that would be the lead story of my Friday. Now the Brewers and the Cardinals are tied for second place, four games behind us. This late in the season, I would prefer a bigger lead. I don't expect another World Series, but I would like my champions in blue to make a showing in the play-offs. Also, John Lackey got the loss. Since I have decided to be John Lacky's fan -- I've seen no fans in Lackey jerseys, ever -- I take this very personally.

Good News! My nephew started his first job today! He went through orientation at McDonald's and will work his first shift on Sunday.

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  1. Oh, Gal, I'm so sorry your loved ones are struggling. Sending them love and good mojo.