Friday, July 28, 2017

Saturday 9

--> Saturday 9: Angel (1998)... because Bev recommended it

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Sarah McLachlan wrote this song about someone she barely knew. She read the obit of Jonathan Melvoin, keyboard player for the Smashing Pumpkins, who died of a heroin overdose. What's the most recent news story that touched you deeply? This story on football players and CTE. I've never been a big football fan, but I'll never watch at all now, never again. These young men are like modern-day gladiators, destroying themselves for our entertainment. It's tragic.

2) Ms. McLachlan performed this in tribute to Linda McCartney at the 1999 Concert for Linda. She was expressing her hope that, in death, Linda found relief and peace after a long and painful battle with cancer. What do you think happens to us when we die? We go to heaven and enjoy eternal life. There's nothing in life that I'm surer of than that.

3) Daytime dramas General Hospital and As the World Turns used this song on-air after a major character died. Do you follow any "soap operas?" Not anymore. But in the olden days, I used to watch All My Children in the daytime and Dallas at night.
4) In 2007, Sarah donated her recording of this song to the ASPCA. Do you have a pet? If yes, how did you get it (shelter, pet store, etc.)? I share my home with two cats, both shelter rescues. Giving them a good home has been my pleasure and honor.

5) She admits she can't watch those ASPCA commercials, where her recording of "Angel" plays over sad photos of animals. Is there a TV commercial that really gets to you (in either a good or a bad way)? "Brad" is back! You know, The Liberty Mutual commercial where the girl in the cute denim jacket talks about the car she had for four years. She named it "Brad." She loved Brad. Then she totaled him. She and Brad had gone through everything together. Nothing could replace Brad. Then Liberty Mutual calls, and she breaks into her happy dance.

6) In 1994, Sarah was stalked by an obsessed fan. Tell us about a time you were really frightened. In retrospect, was your fear commensurate with the threat? I'm terrified every time I fly, and I flew twice this week, and in a small plane, at that! No, it's a baseless fear. It is never commensurate with the real danger.

7) Sarah was adopted by Jack and Dorice McLachlan. Though she has a friendly relationship with her birth mother, she always considered Dorice her mother and sees herself behaving with her son the way Dorice did with her. Is there anyone in your family that you feel you resemble, either physically or by behavior? I look and act an awful lot like my aunt. Fair skin, round face, firmly held opinions.

8) McLachlan is one of the founders of Lilith Fair, a summer concert series designed to showcase talented female performers. Do/did your summer plans include an outdoor concert? Nope. Though last week, I heard three different bands playing at different spots up and down MIchigan Avenue.

9) Random question: Which of these men would you most like to be seated with at dinner -- Clint Eastwood, Prince William or Jimmy Fallon? Well, I never have been able to stand Clint Eastwood since he made such a fool of himself, yelling at an empty chair at the 2012 Republican National Convention. I like Jimmy Fallon, but only in small doses. So William, definitely William! I look forward to hearing stories about George and Charlotte and Lupo, the royal dog.


  1. I'm not crazy about the Liberty Mutual ads either. But they aren't as obnoxious as Stanton Optical.

  2. Oh, I hate that "Brad" commercial. Even her voice is annoying.

  3. I started to mention the Liberty Mutual commercials, too, but went with an older one instead for the feels. Interesting that we are both like our aunts. My aunt says I should have been her daughter. My mother and I were nothing alike.

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Totally forgot about Dallas.. I liked that show, and Falcon Crest. I think there were other spin offs but I didn't get into those. I wonder if they'll ever bring Dallas - all of it - to Netflix.

  5. Yeah, that CTE story was sobering. I'm married to a college player and we both worry a lot.

    If you get dinner with Wills, can I eat with Kate? :-)


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