Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Stealing

 Sunday Stealing: The Getting to Know You Questions

1. What is your occupation right now? How long have you been there? I am an advertising writer. I've done it a very long time. My first ad was for Granny's Rheumatiz Remedy back in December 1861.
2. Favorite rock band. Ever.

Look how cute!
3. What are you listening to right now? George Stephanapolous is about to interview Ken Starr. Considering that George worked in the Clinton White House, this could be very weird.

4. Last person you spoke to on the phone. What was it about? My friends in Key West. They just took out their marriage license! YEA!

5. How old are you today? Or make up a question. This one bites. Do you believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?

6. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? Go, Cubs, go!

7. What is your favorite drink? Coke

8. Have you ever dyed your hair? I did it myself for decades. Right now I have highlights, and they're professionally done.

9. Favorite food? Last night I had shrimp and it was very good. So I'll say grilled shrimp with lemon butter.

10. What is the last movie you watched? Union Pacific (1939). It was fun -- a little too long -- but it was entertaining. Robert Preston and Joel McCrea reminded me of Newman and Redford.


11. Favorite day of the year? My birthday.

12. How do you vent anger? I drink and swear.
13. What was your favorite toy as a child? My Lassie dog. We were inseparable.

14. Living arrangements? (Of course your pets count. Geez!) Me, Reynaldo and Connie share this 2BR condo.

15. What was the last thing that you cried about? I thought Reynaldo was sick. He wasn't.

16. Who is the friend you have had the longest? I've known my oldest friend for 55 years.

17. What did you do last night? I saw Union Pacific and then went out for dinner with members of my movie group.

18. What are you most afraid of? Airline travel.

19. In how many areas of your country have you lived? What's your favorite? Just this one. Obviously it suits me.

20. What is your favorite flower? (Ugh. Quite the note to go out on. But hell, we steal the questions. I guess you get what you pay for.) I like carnations. They're pretty and they last.



  1. Congratulations to the Key West crew! How exciting.

  2. Yes, I do believe Oswald acted alone in the shooting. There were other factions involved but he shot and killed Kennedy. Btw, that was a great book suggestion. Thank you.
    My oldest friendship has spanned many years. We grew into womanhood together.

  3. I picked up a Beverly Hillbillies cookbook at the library's used book sale last year. I haven't explored it completely, but while most of the recipes are perfectly normal southern style dishes, there are some recipes for possum and such. I'm going to have to look to see if there's a recipe for Granny's rheumatiz medicine! If not, I guess I could hit up a couple of moonshiners I know.

    Wow! 55 years is an impressive friendship.

  4. You've been writing ads since 1861? Dang, woman! You must have built a time machine. :-) But something from Granny's Rheumatiz sounds like it came from that far back.

  5. I wouldn't put airline travel at the top of my ist of things I'm afraid of, but it's in the top 10 these days.


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