Sunday, May 07, 2017

I had the chicken, he had the pizza

Of course. My nephew always has the pizza.

Our little lunch lasted more than three hours. In retrospect, I'm sorry we kept the booth so long. But we had so much to catch up on! And he seemed to be enjoying himself.

He's an avid student of history who began reading about Andrew Jackson last fall and was shocked by how mercurial and violent Old Hickory was. So I knew he'd have a lot to say about our current POTUS (1) admiring Jackson for his "big heart" and (2) thinking that Jackson could have had any impact whatsoever on the Civil War. My nephew is a teenaged boy, so of course he thinks Trump is jerk. (My adolescent years are in my rearview mirror and I thought this news story made Trump look ridiculous, too.)

We talked about his family vacation to Nassau, his cousin's unplanned pregnancy, how much he loves talking to his history teacher between classes and after school, and we lightly touched on the end of his romance with Anna, who has been in his life since pre-school. I would have liked to hear a little more about that -- breaking up in a small town when you have to see your ex at every turn -- but he wanted to go back to politics. How did I feel about calls for Stephen Colbert's ouster? What about the new GOP healthcare plan?

He's so smart. He's so geeky. Those are not two qualities that endear boys to their high school classmates. But he seems happy, at least when he's with me and he can get his geek on with impunity. I just hope he's as happy when he's not with his old auntie.

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  1. I absolutely love your nephew stories. And I bet I would be the history teacher he hangs out with between, before and after classes. :)


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