Friday, January 22, 2016

"Please help."

My oldest friend shot me an email today. Just a couple sentences, letting me know that she put her cat to sleep. She closed it with, "Please help."

Naturally I picked up the phone and dialed. But what can you say at a time like that? I tried to cheer her up, reminding her that she gave that cat a wonderful life for more than 10 years. Someone threw Kal away, so she ended up at a shelter. The luckiest day of Kal's furry life was when and my friend and her family adopted her, loved her, gave her a forever home where she could feel safe. I told her she shouldn't think about the last moments, but be proud of the long, nuturing life she gave that girl cat.

And that easing someone out of life can be such a loving thing. She spared Kal pain and fear and confusion. If only we could be as humane to one another as we are to our companion animals.

I hope I helped. Not sure if I did. At least my friend knew there was someone on the other end of the call who takes petcare very seriously. That matters, right?


  1. I hope your friend heard the compassion in your words. I wonder if she is too wrapped up in the feeling to get what you told her.

  2. Your friend did the last loving thing she could for her wonderful pet, saved her needless pain and suffering. Also, she will think of all the things you said, and they were all true and kind, in the days and weeks to come, and will feel the comfort of your caring. She will. Trust me. She heard.

  3. It is such a loving and damn hard thing to do for a beloved pet. People feel so bad about it and that makes me sad. If they could hear what their pets are saying before and after, it would just be "thank you for loving me so" - every one of my pets has said that to me before and after they departed this realm. It's a blessing for them to be out of pain and their energy lives on.

    You did what you'd have wanted her to do if you were in the same situation. That's a beautiful thing.

  4. It definitely matters! How lucky your friend is to have your support.


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