Sunday, August 02, 2015

The kid is all right

I spent a little over two hours blabbing with my oldest friend, the one who is struggling so in Southern California. At the end of our call I felt better, and I hope she felt less isolated.

She is in a mighty battle with her bipolar disorder. Her body is trying to adjust to the cocktail of meds her shrink has her taking and she's considering a partial hospitalization program at UCLA. It sounds radical, and I know it took me a while to get my mind around it. Even though it will take her 6-8 weeks to complete, I think it's a very good thing for her. She's had a hard time making friends out there. Her cousin Sharon (the one she moved 2000 miles to be near) has been useless. Her psychologist and psychiatrist don't talk -- at least not enough to suit me. By going into the UCLA program she will have a support system. Counselors and other patients. Maybe a new doctor. I think it's all good.

Of course, we didn't spend the whole two hours talking about that. I had to give her a blow-by-blow recount of Macca at Lolla. One thing that came to me while recounting it: this new generation of fans don't call him "Paul," "Sir Paul" or even "McCartney." He's "PaulMcCartney."

And she told me how she and Sharon believe Sharon's house is haunted. I sent my mind away to the happy place during most of that (the Cub game was on the TV screen, after all) but I know she enthusiastically believes in that sort of thing and I'm glad she's engaged in something that makes her happy.

So I think she's going to be all right. I know this takes courage, this battle she's waging. I know her pain is real. And I'll continue to pray for her, support her and love her.


  1. Inpatient treatment sounds scary but I only know positive outcomes for the folks I've known who've gone.

  2. You're a good friend to her.

  3. I'm glad she's looking at some comprehensive help. Bi-polar is a mighty strong foe.

    I call all stars (except for sekritboyfriend by their whole name. He's mostly just Dave to me even though he doesn't go by Dave.)

    Hauntings are weird and can feel scary. I don't like to venture much into that low vibration energy. I am happy with my Guides and Teachers in Spirit along with the Archangels. Much nicer there!


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