Saturday, July 04, 2015

Sunday Stealing

1. What’s overdue for a good cleaning? My carpets. They're enormously funky.

2. What’s overdue for some kind of professional examination, service, maintenance, or upkeep?
I need to go to dentist.

3. Who’s overdue for a phone call or letter to you? My Cousin Rose and my friend Tom. (Tom and his young family just moved to their first house and I want to send him a snailmail Hallmark card, not just an e-card.)

 4. What’s overdue for an appearance in your neighborhood?
You mean where should I go that I haven't been? Public library. I don't use it as much as I should.

 5. Who’s overdue for a good comeuppance?
So many people!

 6. What’s a gross food you like anyway?

 7. Who’s an unlikeable person you like anyway?
Nancy Grace. I don't like her, but her show is the television equivalent of Cheetos.

 8. What’s an unpleasant task you enjoy performing anyway?
Grocery shopping

 9. What’s a dumb song you enjoy anyway?
His life, his love and his lady is the sea. (Even the lyric's grammar is lousy, yet I love it.)

 10. What’s a lousy restaurant you frequent anyway?
Red Robin. YUM!

 11. What's your favorite Sci-fi film/program, etc?
I'm sorry if you're a fan, but scifi really feels like a tremendous waste of time.

 12. Have you ever had a proper Tarot reading?

 13. Have you ever used the phrase "back in my time" to someone younger than you?

 14. Have you ever done something really unbelievable, only to have no one around to see it?
Nothing springs to mind.

 15. If you were famous, would you want a statue or a building names after you?
Couldn't I please just have the cash?


  1. I love Brandi! You're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be! Excellent choice.

    And the scifi/fantasy lover takes no offense. ;-)

  2. Brandy is a great song...grammar aside.

  3. I hadn't heard that Looking Glass song in eons until recently...and I sang along without having to think about ANY of the lyrics! My brain is weird.

    And a lot of scifi is time-wasty. If it's done well, it can be a good way to look at current issues without the polarizing influence of, yknow, reality. ;-)

    I love Cheetos. Go to your library, but wash the Cheetos off your hands first. hah

  4. Ok, what is yukky about Cheetos. If I could I'd eat them everyday 'cause they are Yummy! Ah, the library. I couldn't figure that question out, obviously.

  5. Oh, that song!!! I can't believe I could come up with most of the lyrics!

  6. I just wanted to thank you for making me spit up my breakfast all over my keyboard thanks to that comment that you left for me.

    Have a great week! :)


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