Sunday, July 26, 2015

Odds are good that you annoy me

Everyone seems to be bugging me these days.

1) Barb. We go to the theater together. She orders the Broadway on Chicago subscription. That way we have a reason to get together on a regular basis. Otherwise, she reasons, we'll drift apart. I completely laud her intentions, but she forgets to write the playdates down and then I end up scrambling for a seat filler. She's doing it again this coming week for Pippin. Of course she is. Maybe I won't go. Maybe I'll go alone. (That doesn't bother me.) But I don't feel like asking someone else to accompany me. I don't like anyone well enough these days.

2) Rose. Ah, Cousin Rose. Once again exhibiting why I love her but don't like her. We're related on our mothers' side, which gives us each a father's side filled with relatives we don't share. When she goes on and on about cousins, nieces and nephews I either haven't met or don't recall, I feign interest and try to ask polite questions. Most recently, it concerned her taking young-uns to NASA and Cape Kennedy. Again, I don't care. But to be nice, I asked if the name hadn't been restored to Cape Canaveral. She wrote back that was something I could just "look up on Wikipedia." How about you fuck yourself? I took several deep breaths and counted to 10 a few times before answering that letter.

3) Kathleen. Last year, when we celebrated my birthday/her birthday and Christmas, she gave me a card and said we had a date to see a Cub game at the renovated Wrigley Field. The season started in April. When, in May, she still hadn't mentioned it, I sent her a list of games and dates that were good for me through July 26. May ... June ... July. I told her I didn't want to do August because I don't like heat, and September is always iffy because rainouts are notoriously hard to reschedule at that late date.

First she set a date in June. Then she changed it because her daughter's college roommate would be visiting and wanted to join us, so she chose another date. Then she cancelled that one because her husband wanted to take her to a concert that night. Then I had to commit to the first weekend in August, even though I didn't want to go that late in the season, so she could coordinate with both her adult son (he now lives in Detroit) and daughter. Then she cancelled that one because it's too confusing for her son and daughter and what about September? I told her to forget it. If it's too hard, we just shouldn't do it. 'SHUT UP," she emailed back. "I love you and want to see you." That was July 17. I still haven't heard back.

So basically, it seems, she's trying to consolidate my birthday -- which was more than eight months ago now -- with spending the afternoon with her kids. And when it comes to dates and preferences, it's obvious my wishes come in third, after her kids'. I'm hurt and embarrassed. Clearly this is not a priority for her, and it would be less humiliating if we just forget about it.

4) My Clown Car cohabitants and everyone else at work. Can't stand their faces. Need a day off desperately. All I really did today was nap, because the thought of going in and facing them, my grumpy old boss and Long Tall Sally -- who, while well meaning, really is insane -- exhausts me.

I hope I get to work out at least once this week. The lack of physical activity isn't helping my mood.


Face forward, Old Gal. To paraphrase his lordship, it's going to get better, a little better all the time ...


  1. You are cracking me up these days, Gal. Your thought bubble to Rose made me literally laugh out loud. You expend so much effort being polite.

    Wouldn't it be fun to just be who you are? Others do it just fine (see also: your pal Kathleen, for example). I'm not saying being all bitchy and mean (although you could do it as an experiment to see what happens!) but to say your part and stick to it and call people on their BS. I know that's not who you are and this blog is your outlet but I wonder what it would look like to inch closer to the 'what I really want' side instead of 'I need to be polite and mindful of everyone else's needs' - just food for thought. (I like this side of you, truthfully, even if it was aimed at me. I'd rather know how you feel than have you hold a polite facade. But that's me. Others, maybe not so much.

    Love you!

  2. Sir Paul! Sir Paul!

  3. Sir Paul will cheer you. And if I was local, I'd totally go to see Pippin with you. And odds are, I'd annoy you. :)