Monday, July 27, 2015

Cue "Taps"

Long Tall Sally was let go Friday afternoon. Turns out she simply didn't show up for a client meeting on Thursday, nor did she come into the office.

I am simply relieved.

On the one hand, I realize that this is a career setback for LTS, and I'm sorry about that. She was, in her way, very good for me and I appreciate how she enhanced my profile with the client.

On the other hand, she was simply too much drama and I couldn't bear being around her anymore. She's 40, lives with her mother, has no savings and now no job. She doesn't have a lot of friends because she was working overseas for a few years. She rather glommed onto me, talking ad nauseum about what was wrong with her life and all the work she had to do. It was exhausting. And then, to blow off a client meeting ...

I believe she has a good heart and a generous spirit. I hope she gets her life together so her career can recover from this setback.

And I shall enjoy the quiet.


  1. Not to be an armchair psychiatrist, but this woman sounds like she has some sort of mental instability going on. Her behavior last week--the introduction of hot-button issues into conversations--makes it sound like she might have been spiraling into mania, which could be why she bailed on Thursday. It's a shame for her. I hope her absence makes your life at work easier, though. She sounds like a bit of a nightmare!

  2. Holy Shitballs! That is an interesting (and clearly welcome) turn of events. I agree with Cat's armchair analysis. Mania can do that to someone. Wish her well and keep moving. This is a good thing for you!

  3. Will you be participating in the August Happy Challenge this year? I have a post ready to go but didn't want to link to you if you weren't going to be posting.

  4. excuses ... we can use them to all we want, it doesn't change anything. we are a nation of spoiled ungrateful brats.

  5. While I'm sorry for LTS, I'm relieved for you. It'll be nice to have some peace. Hopefully Sally will find some, too.