Saturday, June 20, 2015

I will not

After the Charleston massacre, pro-gun advocates were defensively in front of the cameras, explaining how it's gun laws that somehow make us vulnerable to gun violence.

Schools like Sandy Hook and churches like Emanuel AME are "soft targets" because guns are currently not allowed. Mr. NRA reasoned that, if crazy-hateful killers knew Kindergarten teachers and parishoners were armed, they wouldn't open fire. 

I will not bring a gun to church.

I remember after 9/11, when our church became a sister congregation to a mosque to help combat anti-Muslim sentiment, some were concerned that the choice would make us the target of hate. I was OK with that.

I will not own a gun. And I will certainly never, ever bring a gun to church. The very thought is repugnant.

Now I cannot think about this anymore. It hurts my heart too much.


  1. Weapons of any kind absolutely do not belong in schools and churches.