Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Stealing

The Dirty Dozen Meme

1. This weather is really..... sunny. Yea!

2. You think you've seen it all, you should see me.... wiggle my ear. It's delighted the generations of children I've babysat.

 3. I'm sure you would still love me even if...
you saw what a terrible housekeeper I am.

 4. I think I have finally realized...
that not everyone needs to hear every thought I have.

 5. Since the last time we linked up...
um, this is embarrassing but I wasn't aware that we had linked up.

 6. I get super embarrassed...
when anyone hears me sing.

 7. I really thought by now...
I'd be more domestically inclined.

8. If I thought no one would read it, I would write about...
There really isn't anything. This humble blog pretty much sums me up.

9. I knew I was in the wrong place...
when I saw two pairs of shoes under the bathroom stall door, and they were facing in the same direction.

10. I am so not above...
reality TV.

11. Let's pretend...
that tonight will live forever if we close our eyes and believe it might come true. So darling, darling, hold me ... (I'm such a sap for a love song.)

12. Just you wait...
Henry Higgins, just you wait!


  1. Well, the story about the bathroom was intriguing.

  2. #4 hit home for me--good answer!

    We're on the same track on the last one, 100%. lol

  3. I laughed at #4. There is always one kid on the bus that I feel the need to educate on the fact that just because a thought passes through his head, it doesn't mean it needs to be spoken out loud.

  4. We started out sunny with blue skies today. Now it is pouring rain. The forecast for the week looks kind of nice.
    I just read your other post. WTH is going on around us? I heard there are businesses who are pulling out now.

  5. We need to keep sharing thoughts. If we stop talking, and the dialog ends, will we last as a nation of, for, and by the people?

    Come to my house where everything is being torn apart to re-organize and downsize. What a mess.

  6. I'm the same with #3!

  7. I'm not usually struck by songs the first time I hear them, but that is one catchy chorus!

    Housekeeping isn't one of my strong points either. I always seem to be robbing Peter to pay Paul