Sunday, January 11, 2015

Yeah, but ...

Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday is a big deal at my church. Service is our sacrament, and Dr. King certainly inspires us to do our part, and then to do more, to make the world a better place. I get it.

Today's sermon was not only about Dr. King but Sister Simone Campbell, one of the "nuns on the bus," who encourages us to "walk toward trouble," not away from it, as we strive to serve. A laudable idea, to be sure.

But my heart was hurting when I entered church this morning. I wanted someone more learned than I to put the events in France of this past week into perspective for me. I didn't get that from today's service. I was disappointed.

My regular minister was on vacation. Maybe the associate just isn't fleet and flexible enough to rewrite his sermon in time.

I wish Dr. King was with us today. I'd love to hear his feelings about Ferguson and Garner and George Zimmerman being arrested for violent acts yet again ... and Paris.

I don't know what to make of the world I find myself in. I need help. I didn't find it within my house of worship today. This doesn't shake my faith in God, but it does shake my faith in our ministers.


  1. That's a tough one. We look to our clergy for understanding, comfort and perspective. When they fall short, it leaves us bereft. I hope you find the solace you need.

  2. sorry you were disappointed...but i expect the sermon to be about the bible and how it plays in our life today.
    how i can bring more people into a relationship with Jesus.
    current events only show the sin of the world and really those who do these horrible act know nothing about our savior Jesus and how He can bring peace into their life.
    I know many don't believe the way I do and that is okay...I feel they are losing out on the joy God can bring by know His word and living a life free of worry, anger and forgiveness.

  3. Vivian, You and I expect different things from our worship services. I was raised in the kind of church you describe and found it desperately wanting. For me, current events don't only show the sin of the world, people like Sister Simone and Dr. King inspire and show how to put faith into action in ways that aren't solely parochial. Besides this is the world I'm in, and I long for a real world perspective on my faith. And since I know many good decent Jews, people who love God in their way and are genuinely happy in their faith, I can't get with proselytizing.

    I believe your sincerity and, since I care about and respect you, am happy that you have a spiritual home that brings you peace. But I feel closer to Christ when I serve my community, my country and my world, and when I have a deeper understanding of my fellow man.

  4. It is in others that we meet Christ. Helping others we meet Him all the time. Thank you for caring and taking care of others.

    Paris was horrific. So much is, and then there are people like Sister Simone Campbell, and Martin Luther King in this world, too. Father Bill comes to mind, too. He was killed in Guatemala for helping with his whole heart. Assassins cannot take out all the good that is left behind these people of such goodness.