Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Three for three!

On Monday I brought my lunch, did 10 minutes of floor exercises and 25 minutes on the stationery bike, and I went through every item on my kitchen counter and am parting with a lot of crap-- including but not limited to expired coupons and OTC meds.

I wish I could honestly report that my home is looking so much better since January 1, but I'd be lying. The important thing is that I'm keeping this promise to myself and am improving my personal and financial environment.

I'm learning that's a key part of this -- to remind myself that deserve better surroundings. I'm the only one who can make this happen, and so I shall.


  1. I had a pep-talk with myself this weekend about my clutter. You were part of my inspiration and plan. So, keep up the good work--you've got a follower!!

  2. yay...good job
    BTW...i love when you respond back with an answer to our comments!

  3. You don't see it yet, but you will, because of the progress you're making. I'm proud of you!

  4. When it comes to clutter, pretty much the first thing that happens is that everything gets worse. Once you have less stuff around, and start putting things away, the improvement is VERY dramatic. Hang in there.

    (I should go clean my desk.....)