Saturday, July 26, 2014

I am happy

It took Cute Handyman a day and a half, but he got it done: he swapped out my Eisenhower-era medicine chest and lighting for my new round medicine chest and three-light sconce.

The "before" photo, at right, is not actually my bathroom. It's from the real estate listing for the condo next door. But mine was just as bad. Worse, actually, because instead of having lights atop the chest, there was one on each side. Dangerously close to the shower.

The new one is smaller so it won't get rusty from being splashed every time I shower. The smaller size also makes my tiny bathroom look less tiny. The overhead lights use cfl bulbs, which is better for the environment. Best of all, it's not recessed into the wall. If I want to change it, this chest can just be removed and another one hung. The wall won't have to be rebuilt, which is how Cute Handyman spent most of his time Thursday.

It cost more than $900, but I love it. Next up is my new sink. That will take another day and another $700 in October. The main event will be the tub and wall tile, which will take days and simply can't be done until 2015. I don't have the time or money this year.