Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Easter Story and The Walking Dead

My minister gave a memorable sermon this morning. One of his best. And it wasn't the one he intended to give.

Word came to him last week about an interesting exchange in the pre-school Sunday School class. The teacher gave the 4 year olds a high-level explanation of the upcoming holidays. First Passover, when the Hebrews gained their freedom, and then Easter, when Jesus was killed and rose from the dead.

"So," one of the kids asked, "Jesus was a zombie?" The question caused quite a stir because the little boy who asked that question last weekend was Martin, who happens to be our minister's son.

Our reverend and his wife were surprised to learn how much their young son knew about zombies and how fascinated he was by the concept of "the walking dead." Mom and Dad vowed to redouble their efforts to monitor their son's pop culture influences, and this week's sermon was born.

He warned us not to be spiritual zombies, not to let cynicism or the complexities of today's life turn us into "the walking dead." With Jesus as our guide, our hearts can continue to be filled with love and enthusiasm.

So when I feel the joy slipping away from my life, when I start to get angry over things I can't change or re-litigate old battles, I'll remember young Martin's question: "Jesus was a zombie?" No, He wasn't. And neither am I. I need to be alive and present and in love with my life.

Happy Easter!


  1. LOL! I love how little kids think! I can imagine it is hard to keep your kids from learning anything about zombies, especially if they go to school. You'd be surprised at what shows little kids tell me they watch at home... and then of course they talk about it with the other kids, so even the most protected kids hear some creepy stuff!

  2. That's great! What a way to use that message.

  3. Words to live by and by. Hope you had a great Easter!