Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Stealing

The Easter Meme
What are your Easter traditions? I don't really have any anymore, beyond sending cards to my niece and nephew.

Do you hard boil and decorate eggs? No.

How do you decorate your home for Easter? I don't.

Do you make/buy special outfits for yourself and your kids on Easter? No. I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound like such a bummer but I don't have kids and I just wore a sweater and jeans to church.

What is your favorite Easter dish? Ham.

When did you learn the truth about the Easter Bunny? I don't think I ever really believed in the Bunny. I had too many questions. What's the connection between a rabbit and eggs? Does he have a workshop filled with chickens like Santa and his elves? And what was his delivery system, a la Santa's sleigh?

Do you spend Easter at home, on vacation, or with family? I go to church, and that's it. I feel like I'm a tremendous disappointment to Sunday Stealing memedom today.

First one up on Easter morning? Me.

Go to mass or church? Yes. It was a lovely service.

What are your favorite Easter hymns and/or choir arrangements? This morning at church we all sang this. It was inspiring. And I always feel like a rockstar when I can sing without the hymnal.

How many Easter egg hunts does your family usually participate in? That would be none. I'm sorry, Kwiz.

Do you make deviled eggs out of leftover Easter eggs? I did, years ago, when my family celebrated together. But with my mom gone, my niece living out of state and my nephew a teenager …

Are you tired of eggs by the end of the Easter Season? No.

Are Peeps good or gross? One day a year I can stand them.

What company makes the best chocolate for Easter time? Fannie Mae.

Lots of candy or not? Haven't had much this year.

What is your favorite Easter candy? Hollow chocolate bunny.

Do you find plastic Easter grass hidden in places for months after Easter is over? Again, I'm sorry but there's never been an Easter egg hunt in this condo since I've lived here.

What’s your favorite color for fake grass? Atomic green.

Really, I like Easter. Church was lovely this morning! I love redemption and renewal. I'm not in a bad mood at all. It's just I'm not into the Bunny.


  1. I think there were a few of us with that loser momentum. At least the weather is a 10 :)

  2. Oh, your church sounds wonderful to sing that song on Easter. And to be able to wear sweaters and jeans. I'm surrounded by Southern Baptists.

  3. Next year come to my place..I'm Southern Baptist but we do wear jeans and sweaters lol