Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Stealing

The Bonus Question Meme

What’s your favorite frozen treat on a stick? I've got some chocolate covered bananas in the freezer right now. I went through a period where I ate them all the time, but now ... eh ...

What’s your favorite lollipop? The little rootbeer flavored ones my bank gives out.

When you passed notes during class in high school, who was mostly often the recipient? The woman who still makes frequent appearances on this blog as My Oldest Friend.

Who among your high school friends was the first to get his or her own car? I'm sorry but I don't remember.

Who’s the black sheep in your family? You're talking to her.

Who’s the family historian? My aunt is the keeper of everything on my dad's side.

What was the last thing you sprayed from a spray bottle? The stuff that promises to kill mildew on my shower curtain.

What was the last thing you sprayed from an aerosol can? Hairspray

When did you last make reservations for something? Dinner last Thursday

What’s your next upcoming appointment? An appointment for a checkup at the doctor is coming up

What store’s departure from your preferred shopping mall most saddened you? My all-time favorite store, Marshall Field's on State Street, closed in 2006. Thank God the beautiful, iconic old clock remains. It's Macy's now, and I've gotten used to shopping there. But many of us Chicagoans still call that store Field's.

What’s good to eat at your preferred shopping mall? If I eat there, I grab a Big Mac.

What services (as opposed to goods) do you pay for at your preferred shopping mall? I don't. Sorry.

What’s a store you’ve never been inside at your preferred shopping mall? Lids. I don't wear caps.

What kind of store would you most welcome in your preferred shopping mall? Makeup and skincare, like The Body Shop, Sephora or Ulta. 

What did you most recently purchase at an office supply store? I was recently at Staples, but I can't for the life of me remember what I bought. Sorry.

What did you most recently purchase at a book store? A wonderful book called After Visiting Friends.

What did you most recently purchase at a drugstore? Yesterday I went to CVS for a giftbag.

What did you most recently purchase at a convenience store? Wedneday I bought a lottery ticket (which I have yet to check, so I may be a millionaire as I write this) and a Mounds bar.

What did you most recently purchase at a thrift shop? A cute little pink and white striped tote bag from Goodwill.


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I like root beer-flavored candy, too. Yum!

    Here's hoping you got the million! :D

  2. Oh, the rootbeer flavored are also my favorite!

  3. I still catch myself calling Macy's "Dayton's". Old habits...
    We now have 2 Sephora stores at the mall, one inside JC Penney's and one store on it's own. I think that's kind of weird.

  4. eeee You've reminded me that the shower curtain needs attention! hehe

    oooo.. another book for the list! Thank you!

  5. I still have my Fields credit card. You never know....

  6. I hope your ticket won!