Monday, April 14, 2014

Just what I expect in 2014

I spent three hours doing laundry yesterday. Mixed, darks, greens and purples. The last two loads were because I bought so many lovely little green and purple pieces for spring.

Now that my new blouses and t-shirts are freshly laundered, it's 30º and snow is predicted for this evening.

This evening -- Monday, April 14. The average high for this date is 57º.

Of course, there's been nothing average about the weather in 2014.


  1. Every one is sick of the weather!

  2. At least I can see how the snow is retreating. We still have feet of it on the ground, but... melting is happening!

    PS--when I went to the laundromat this weekend, there was a creepy pervy dude staring at my dryer. Eww.

  3. Feh and fie. It's mid-April and all this nonsense should be done and over. Someone needs to give Mother Nature a talking to.