Wednesday, January 29, 2014


To play along, just answer the following three questions ...

• What are you currently reading?  Bruce, by Peter Ames Carlin. It's not an authorized biography, though the Springsteen camp has certainly participated. I love how The Boss recalls discovering The King. Springsteen was in first grade, watching The Ed Sullivan Show hoping to see the puppets and jugglers, but instead he was transfixed by Elvis: "A child wants nothing but to upset the world … sort of like tearing your house apart and reconfiguring it according to your dreams and your imagination. This man was doing that."

• What did you recently finish reading? Killing the Blues by Michael Brandman. It was an engaging little thriller. Not high art, but it held my attention. I just wish the tension didn't involve a community terrorized by dog killings. I hate pets in peril.

• What do you think you’ll read next? Ya got me! We'll see how I feel after Bruce.

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P.S. I changed the photo because 1) I like the idea of a 60-year-old Jackie, barefoot and turban-toweled, lounging on the hood of a car, and still looking glam and 2) I have a bad cold and it helps to think of warmer days.


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I don't like pets in peril either! I hope you enjoy your books this week!

  2. Anonymous12:39 PM

    The biography of Springsteen sounds like an interesting read. It is good to mix the genres up :-)

  3. I love that story about little Bruce and The King.

  4. Anonymous6:12 AM

    I hope you are enjoying your books! :) BTW I like your pic :D
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