Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All I do is sniff. Pass that handerkerchief.

I'm too bleary to think. I'm too congested to sleep. I have a bad cold. I know that's all it is because I don't have a fever.

The bad thing about working in a clown car (or "open floorplan") is that I'm sitting on top of three other people all day long, with three more within a matter of yards. I hate that with every cough and sneeze I'm spreading germs, unfettered by walls.

I feel like the responsible thing to do would be to stay home, but I have a 3:45 Wednesday conference call. Rescheduled from 3:45 Tuesday. I'm going in late tomorrow -- I'll be in by noon, just in case something else comes up regarding the project -- and I'll leave as soon as it's over.

I wonder if the money businesses save on rent with open floor plans is lost in reduced productivity during cold and flu season.


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well. I've got teenagers coughing and hacking, sneezing and sniffling all over me. It's inevitable I'll get hit soon.

  2. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Feel better soon!

  3. I had a sinus infection this week so I was miserable too! It is this weather! :(


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