Saturday, November 09, 2013

Me and my Nano

I've written 7000 words for my November novel, More Real than Anything. According to conventional Nanowrimo wisdom, my wordcount should be double that if I'm to finish my 50,000 word book by November 30.

I write to deadline. It's what I do. Therefore this bothers me, even though there is no downside to not finishing my Nanowrimo attempt. Plus, I like my heroine, Dorothy. She's the editor of a very popular 1960s-1970s era teeny bopper rag. She truly cares about her young readers and the message she sends their way on the pages of the fictional Teen Datebook. And she just fell into this success when her first career as a model fizzled. As you can see, Dorothy is very real to me and I have many plans for her. I just have to get down to it and write it!

Nanowrimo isn't the only thing I haven't had time for. I also didn't work out one single day this week! I feel mega-pudgy right now. (Thank God I don't have a scale!)

The upside to all of this is that I have been very busy at work. The days just fly by, and I feel more secure in my position at the agency. That's a relief.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling more secure at work. :-) And I hope there's a way you can share your Nano with us, I'm intrigued with the concept!

  2. THats why I didn't even dare sign up with NaNoWriMo! NaBloPoMo is about all I can handle right now. (I almost typed "Write now" completely by accident, LOL!) I think 7,000 words is a lot anyways. Maybe you just have to get in the zone and spend an entire weekend just writing!