Thursday, November 07, 2013

November Challenge

Day 7 -- Five Pet Peeves

1) Smokers who assume the "No smoking within 5 ft of this entrance" signs apply to everyone but them.
2) Space hogs who think their backpacks deserve a separate seat on the el and their water bottles get space on the lockerroom bench.
3) "I'm just not a cat person" and "I don't like yappy little dogs" and other forms of critter-ism. Animals don't choose how they're born, any more than you did.
4) Comments about absolutely predictable and completely un-unusual weather. It's November in Chicago. YES, it gets dark early and YES, it's cold. Just like it was last year and in 1963 and 1813. Either shut up or move to Florida.
5) Cashiers who don't say "thank you" when our transaction is complete. The worst offenders are commonly found at the post office.


  1. Oh, those peeves are good! Our post office is notorious for one grumpy employee in particular.

  2. I guess you could call me a space hog. I don't ride the el but if I did I would put my backpack next to me. I have a huge personal space around me and I don't like people being really close!

  3. Then, Miss Paula, I hope you paid a separate fare for your backpack. Otherwise, I don't see why it gets a seat. Especially if I have to stand!

  4. I totally agree with the post office thing--our post office is full of crabby old guys, all of which wear blue latex gloves while they are working, which really creeps me out...


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