Saturday, November 30, 2013

His name is "Carmichal"

The local childrens' home has a holiday tree at Whole Foods. Each heartshaped ornament includes details about a neighborhood kid who is either a ward of the home or lives below the poverty level. Each year I take an ornament and play Santa.

Last year I bought a jacket for "Andrea." In 2011, I got a handheld baseball game for "Sebastian." This year I shopped for "Carmichal." He is just 7 and wants "action figures."

That's a pretty broad category! So I spread the giftgiving out over several heroes. I chose someone from Lord of the Rings (Thorin) and the always-popular Iron Man. To make the gift bag look more full, and because books are always good, I added a Marvel Comics reader/sticker book.

Very little that I do between now and the end of the year will make me as happy as thinking about Carmichal's face at the Christmas party when Santa gives him a red bag of action figures.

PS These are not their real names. The home gives them pseudonyms because they live right here in town and it would hurt their feelings to find their ornament is the one that was passed over and left on the tree.


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I have to find out if there's something like this where I live. If not, there is always the Toys for Tots program.

  2. Which organization does that? My mom and I did an "adopt a family" thing last year, but they gave us a family with four kids and we had to buy for the parents as well, so it got kind of expensive. We wanted to find a program where we could take one child in foster care and be able to spend the money to get more things for one kid, but we really couldn't find any in time!

  3. The angel tree is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.