Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sunday Stealing

My Random Randomness Meme, part 2 

What was your first alcoholic drink? A Singapore Sling. We celebrated my 21st at a Polynesian restaurant.

What was your first job? After school, my first job was as a secretary. Back when Gregg shorthand mattered.

What was your first car? My one and only car was a Chevy Impala.

What was your first mobile phone? A horrible black thing that didn't hold a charge.

What is your first proper memory? I remember pressing my hand flat on an ottoman and raising myself up. According to my mom, who remembered that footstool, I must have been about 2.

Who was your first teacher? Mrs. Erler. She had a bouffant and wore pearls! Glamour!

Which fictional character do you wish was real? So many! I'd love to actually know Jo March from Little Women, Kinsey from Sue Grafton's alphabet mysteries, Rae Spellman from the Spellman Files, Melanie from Gone with the Wind ...

Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Who was your first best friend? The woman who appears often on my blog as My Oldest Friend. We met in Kindergarten (I don't recall but she has a photo to prove it) but really bonded in first grade. Friends to this day. I'm very proud of that.

What was your first detention for? I don't recall my first one. But I did receive a detention for lying about having my period to get out of PE. I had to serve it swimming laps after school. It was a dumb punishment because I really enjoyed having the pool almost to myself and I didn't have to hurry to dress to make my next class. It felt more like a reward, actually.

What’s your strongest sense? Righteous indignation.

Who was your first kiss? David. Sigh. I was so scared that my braces would ruin it for him, but I guess it was fine. He voiced no complaints.

Mary Poppins' pre-dawn London
What was the first film you remember seeing at the cinema? Mary Poppins. I can still remember those big red drapes opening and, amazingly, I saw the rooftops of London. I've been in love with going to the movies ever since.

What’s the largest amount of money you’ve ever won? $2,500 (after taxes) in the Illinois State Lottery

What’s the largest amount of money you’ve spent in one spree? I wouldn't call it a "spree," but I spent $12,000 in a matter of hours planning my mom's funeral last year. It was scary because my mom didn't have life insurance. In retrospect, though, I think it was a blessing in disguise. That bone-chilling terror about the expense distracted me from the horrible reality that she was gone.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?  This End Up

Have you ever got sweet revenge on anyone? I let God handle that

Have you ever been to a live concert? Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, and (best of all!) Sir Paul McCartney. Some of my happiest hours have been spent at concerts.

Have you ever been to see stand up comedy? Yes. The last one I saw was Kathy Griffin. She was fabulous!

Have you ever needed stitches? Lots of times. Most recently was when I had a pair of moles removed as part of a cancer screening.


  1. I actually when to a business school to train to be a "secretary" and learned Gregg shorthand too! I like your detention story. I used to say I had a plantar's wart so I could get out of swimming. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Anonymous6:59 AM

    How in the world did they figure out that you were lying?????

  3. That was my question - how did they know you lied??
    And I'm glad shorthand went away, I never learned it, and was afraid to. LOL
    Great answers all!

  4. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Haha - This End Up...that's hilarious! :-)

  5. I have always wanted to see Paul McCartney maybe someday.

  6. I'm impressed that you have had a friend for such a long time. I think that's rare.

  7. Oh please...everyone in HS had 2 week long periods twice a month. I can't believe they got you on that.

  8. I love all your fictional friends! I had a difficult time picking just one.

  9. I don't know that I'd like to meet Melanie. She was entirely "too good" for the likes of me!

    I also saw Streisand in concert at the very start of her career, when she was the opening act for the Kingston Trio.