Saturday, August 17, 2013

So hot for him right now

Cub Starlin Castro is a star in this town. At 23, he's heralded as the future of the franchise.

Today Castro made a really stupid mistake. He simply wasn't paying attention to the game he was playing in. A run scored. A Cardinal run! It wasn't the first time he's screwed up like this, but it was the most blatant and the most embarrassing. It could/will be argued that Castro let down the pitcher -- Travis Wood -- who was having a great day until that point, and the 30,000+ fans in the park and those of us watching from home.

Dale Sveum, the shaved-headed, tattooed Cubs manager who has spent his life in the game, uttered just two syllables to Castro (maybe "you're out" or "sit down") and sent the young millionaire to the showers.

This was huge. The benching of a superstar is big news. Chicago sports fans are going to be talking about it for days.

And right now, I'm more than a little in love with Dale Sveum.

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