Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Cowboy Casanova
1) The singer tries to warn her friend against a neighborhood Lothario. Do you advise your friends when it comes to love? Or do you stay out of it? Usually I stay out of it, because the couple will inevitably patch things up, remember my brilliant advice, and hold it against me. But just this past June I spoke my mind and warned my oldest friend against the jerk that had her twitterpated. She's so lonely that I thought my advice was falling on deaf ears. I was shocked that she did the self-protective thing and passed on the relationship. The success of this single episode of intrusive behavior has not caused me to change my attitude toward unsolicited advice.

2) This song is about the hot guy "leaning up against the record machine." Does your favorite restaurant or bar still have a juke box? Yes. I enjoy it but never play it, because other patrons load it up.

3) Carrie is an American Idol winner. Have you ever gone online or picked up the phone and voted for a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, American Idol or any similar show? When Nancy Grace was on DWTS, my friend John and I voted for her every week. She was so deliciously bad, and her dance partner had such a cute Irish accent, that we enjoyed the spectacle. I haven't watched the show or voted since. But if ever anyone's campy badness captures John's and my attention again, you can bet we will back.
4) Carrie graduated magna cum laude and majored in journalism, yet instead of being a reporter, she's a country music superstar. How similar are your life/career today to the way you envisioned them when you were 21? I was going to be an award-winning, crusading journalist with a fabulous Old Town apartment and a string of lovesick men on speed dial. Today I write advertising copy, I live in a condo in the burbs and ... well, phones don't even have dials anymore, do they?
5) Carrie also competed in beauty pageants and was a runner up for Miss NSU (Northeastern State University). If you were a contestant in a pageant, what would you do for the talent competition? I am proud of my ability to wiggle my ears.

6) This December, Carrie is scheduled to star in a televised remake of The Sound of Music. Do you have any year-end plans? I'm going to Florida: probably my November birthday in Tampa with my cousin and definitely Christmas in Key West with dear friends.

7) She is married to NHL player Mike Fisher, center for the Nashville Predators. What's your favorite professional sports team? I love my Cubs. They beat the Cards last night, you know!

8) Hockey is a tough game! Do you currently have an owie or an ouchie or a boo-boo that requires a bandaid? Not at the moment. But I'm a klutz and expect to need one soon.

9) Summer brings a lot of power outages and brown outs. Do you have a flashlight? If so, have you checked the batteries? Yes, on the flashlight, I don't know on the battery. Which makes the flashlight kind of useless, huh? Guess I better do something about that.



  1. I learned long ago not to give advice to friends about their love life. It is better to be there for them later.

  2. You have no idea of the Cards-Cubs feud around these parts. Some people are just crazy. We all know the cards suck. :0

  3. If you need a chaperone on that trip to the Keys, I'm available. Singing Buffett Songs on the pier! No gift exchange necessary!!!

  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    I was a fan of Cloris Leachman the year she was on DWTS. Not a fabulous dancer, but she was so hilarious I wanted her to stick around.