Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday 9

Thanks to Carielle for recommending this great song.

1) When she first burst onto the scene, Pink was a self-proclaimed tomboy. Now she's glam. Literally. She was on the cover of the June issue of Glamour and is a spokeswoman for Covergirl cosmetics. Does a celebrity endorsement increase your interest in a product? Yes, in that the commercial, display or print ad gets my attention faster. For example, I checked out the Rimmel eye makeup after spotting the Zooey Deschanel poster at CVS. But she didn't influence me to buy their brow pencil. I left the store without any cosmetics. (I was going to say "I left the store empty-handed," but that wouldn't be true. I always find something at CVS that I need. Milk, Kleenex, dishwasing liquid ... you know.)

2) This song is about a woman who feels her lover slipping away. Do you believe a couple can repair a relationship once it starts to sour? I haven't been able to, but then maybe I just haven't met the right guy yet.

3) As a little girl, Pink wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. If you could excel (or, if you do excel) at any sport, which one? I'd like to run. You can do it anywhere, it keeps you healthy, and people who do it seem to really enjoy it.
4) Pink is married to motorcycle pro Carey Hart. Have you ever ridden really fast on a motorcyle? Not since junior high.

5) When she found out she was pregnant, Pink says she gave up whiskey and cigarettes … but admits she misses the whiskey. Do you have a habit you know you should break? I drink way too much Coke.

6) In 2010, she fell out of the aerial harness that was supposed to carry her across the stage. Are you afraid of heights? Nope.

7) Pink enjoys showing off her tattoos. Do you have any body art? Nope.

8) Pink can be very salty in her language. When was the last time you cursed? Friday afternoon.


9) On her website, Pink sells 10 different t-shirts. Do you have a favorite t-shirt? What does it look like/say? My That Girl t-shirt because it makes people smile.


  1. I love your That Girl t-shirt!!!

  2. Do they have competitive walking? Because that would be my sport, I love to go walking.

  3. I love that Tee shirt :)

    Rimmel actually has some decent mascaras