Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lazy Sunday

I was going to do so much today, but I just never got to it. Instead, I did three loads of wash, followed by some serious napping.

Part of it is that, while this summer has been lovely so far, hot weather takes a lot out of me and I was out all day Friday and a lot of Saturday. I actually got a sun burn, despite my best efforts which included lots of sunscreen. I am, as my Grandma might say, "tuckered out."

Part of it is Trayvon Martin. I don't blame the jury that found his killer "not guilty." I understand that "not guilty" isn't the same as "innocent," and I believe they did the best they could with the laws they were handed.

But I'm trying to get my mind around the idea that a man carrying a concealed gun can follow an unarmed kid, after dark and through the rain. And if the kid reacts in anger and fear, the man can shoot him. I walk a lot at night. I have to, because I don't have a car. If I was in Trayvon's position, if I spun around and slapped or kneed the man who was stalking me, I guess FL law says the man can shoot me.

And get away with it.

No wonder I just want to take a nap!

Oh well, I'm also watching the last Cub game before the All-Star break. We're holding our own against a much better Cardinal team, and Wrigley Field looks just beautiful on ESPN tonight, so the Boys in Blue are doing me proud.

Thank God for baseball!


  1. Being out in sunny weather drains me, too. It was over 90 today. Blah.

  2. We've been suffering with terrible flooding; the wettest July in history here. I am glad for a little sunshine today, finally.

    When the rule of law is completely gone, we will all rue the day.