Saturday, July 06, 2013

I don't like plane crashes

Obviously. I mean, no one likes plane crashes.

So I should have said, "Plane crashes terrify me." Or, more accurately, "NOTHING scares me more than the thought of a plane crash."

And there was one today. In San Francisco. Lives were lost. I feel bad that instead of thinking about the victims, I am fixating on my own fear. Plus it's stirred vague feelings of hopelessness and depression.

My oldest friend had to put her cat to sleep. I haven't seen/won't see my best friend. The sister of an old high school friend has been on life support for nearly a week now.

I had such high hopes for accomplishment today, and then I let myself get deflated. I cleaned out the area under one of my dressers, filling a trash bag and taking it to the dumpster, but that's it.

I need to listen to His Lordship (in his Grammy-winning performance) and "Accentuate the Positive":
•  My cats Joey and Charlotte are both so charming, loving and dear. Reynaldo has been making progress, too.
•  I get along so well with my friend John and celebrating with him last night reminds me again of the value of long-standing friendships.
•  Tomorrow is a free day and another opportunity for me to accomplish more.
•  The Cubs upped their game and beat the fantabulous Pirates.
•  It completely melts me when Paul adds an "r" and sings about "Joner and the whale."

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  1. what you mean to say is, despite depressing, deflating and frightening news, you still managed to fill an entire trash bag with junk and take it to the bin. Then you took some "me-time" to let Sir Paul lift your spirits. You go!