Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Stealing


What kind of car would you buy?  I wouldn't. Very bad investment. A new car is worth less when you pull off the lot than it was a moment before. Then there's gas and insurance. No, thank you. I'd trade up from public transportation to cabs.

Where in the country would you move to?  I'd stay here, in Chicagoland.

What kind of house would you buy?  I've fantasized about this a lot. If money was no object (and I'm afraid even with $1,000,000, money might be an object to living my dream life), I'd move into the Palmolive Building. It's an restored art deco beauty on Michigan Avenue. I'd have views of Lake from my kitchen and balcony. And a doorman! I'd love to have someone there to sign for my packages and hail my cabs! Bliss!

Would you give your family any money? My niece would have help with her college debts. My nephew would be able to take the class trip to Washington DC he's dreaming about.

What charity would you donate to? The same ones I currently donate to. I'd just be more generous.

Would you give your friends any money? Of course. I'd especially love to help my friends in the Keys because they are good people, but really struggling.

Where would you go on vacation?  I'd love to do New York right. Luxury hotel, good restaurants, best seats at the show.

What luxury item would you buy first? Maybe that trip.

Would it change your life?  In some ways.

Would you save any of it?  Yes, for retirement

Would it change your current relationship? No, since my current relationship is with me.

Would you quit your job? I'd offer to go to part time. I'd love to keep the medical insurance.

Would you ever work again? I'd love to do charity work

What one task would you never do again?  HOUSEWORK!

What dream of yours would you be able to do?  Wake up without worrying about money

Would you change the way you dress? Not really.

Would you change anything about your body?  Well, I'd be in better shape because I'd have a trainer. And there are some superficial cosmetic-y things I'd love to have done.

Would you miss anything about not being rich?  No, because I'd be rich.

Who would be the first person you tell? Maybe my friends in the Keys.

Would it bring you happiness? Not in and of itself. But it would make my life easier.


  1. It's fun to dream about this money.

  2. I love your answers. You and I seem to think alike in a lot of respects.

    My cousin's daughter lived on Lake Shore Drive. When I went to visit I fell in love. She lived on the 14th floor and I used to envy her during storms and snow storms. Maybe if I had that million I could buy it (she moved back to Ohio. After 12 years she hated being away from home). THAT would be my second home!! We shopped on Mich Blvd... I could be a Chicago girl, I think!!!

    Enough dreaming. Loved your answers, as always.


  3. Loved your answers. I suspect you'd definitely get the most out of your windfall!