Friday, June 28, 2013

Saturday 9

Thanks to Bankerchick for suggesting JT 
1) When was the last time that you got dressed up, or to borrow from Mr. Timberlake, "fixed up to the nines?" I don't even remember. I'm not kidding. It's been decades.

2) Justin Timberlake is known for his threads. Do you try to keep up with fashion trends? Well, I try to dress appropriately. Often what's fashionable isn't right for me any more.

3) While on tour, Justin has a cigar roller on call so that he and the band can enjoy a "gentleman's club" atmosphere back stage. Do you enjoy the smell of a good cigar? Yech. No.
4) Justin appeared on Star Search when still in grade school, and he's been working ever since. When Crazy Sam was that age, her only "job" was to load the dishwasher and for this she earned her $1/day allowance. Did you work when you were a kid? I babysat when I was in high school. Wish I still could. How great to get paid for eating potato chips and watching TV.

5) JT has appeared several times on Saturday Night Live, a show that premiered before he was born. Who is your most favorite ever SNL castmember of all time? Wasn't she something?

6) Justin is a very good golfer (6 handicap). Will you play this summer? Only at a course that will require me to putt the ball past a windmill.

7) A round of golf requires hours outside in the elements. Have you ever endured a painful sunburn? God, yes! The last really punishing one I got was during a sunny afternoon at my uncle's summer cottage. I blame santgria for clouding my judgement to the point where I didn't know when to come in from the sun.

8) When they were young, Justin dated Britney Spears. Obviously, it's been easy for him to keep up with her successes and problems over the years. Do you wonder how one of your exes is doing? Yes. There's a lovely man I loved once and I hope he's happy.

9) Ever since his days with N'Sync, Justin Timberlake has supported music education. Did your grade school offer music classes? If so, do you remember any of the songs you learned then?

We learned this for Parents' Night:

"He always sings ragtime music to his cattle 
As he swings back and forth on his saddle
On his horse, a pretty good horse, that syncopated gaiter
And it's such a pretty meter to the roar of his repeater
How they run when they hear his guns a comin'
Cuz the Western folks all know ...
He's a high-faluting
Rootin' Tootin'
Son of a gun from Arizona
Ragtime Cowboy, talkin' about your cowboy, Ragtime Cowboy Joe!"

We swayed, snapped our fingers in time and were totally hitsville!



  1. Rosanna Rosanna Danna!

    I LOVED Gilda!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that clip! Gilda was really the best - comedian-wise and just wow. So sad she's gone. :( I wish I'd had the opportunity to see her perform in person. Great. Now I'm going to cry. Just like her. ;-)

  3. She was amazing. Also love a good game of miniature golf...the real game bores me to tears.

  4. My brother occasionally smokes a cigar and I can tell days afterward when he someked a cigar in the cottage... YUCK!

  5. The clip of Gilda is classic. She was my first choice too.

  6. I love the original SNL cast--I couldn't choose just one!

  7. I love that you remember that song. I just saw my daughter perform this silly song about Texas (because down here we don't sing about 'Merica we only sing about Texas.) and I've been trying to remember school songs but I just can't. Oh well.

  8. I dread the thought of ever having to wear pantyhose again...

  9. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Enjoyed your answers! My mother used to tease me that I had Rosanne Roseannadanna hair (only in blonde). I'm so glad hair care products for frizz have improved since then!