Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thursday Thirteen #219

Thirteen Things I'd Do 
If I Won 
the Illinois State Lottery
The smallest Lotto jackpot is $2,000,000. That's the basis of this fantasy. (I don't want to be too greedy.)

1) The State gives me two options: a one-time, after-tax payout of $821,562 or 25 annual payments of $53,846 (also after taxes). I'd choose the annual payments. Then I wouldn't have to worry about retirement. 

2) I'd ask the agency where I currently work if I could come in on a part-time, 30 hour/week basis. That way I could keep my group medical insurance. It's very good coverage and I find I use it more/appreciate it more as I get older.

3) I wouldn't worry so much. If I get laid off, so be it. After all, I have $1,000/week coming, in no matter what!

4) I'd pay down my credit cards.

5) I'd go to more Cub games.

6) I'd give my friend in the Keys $2,000 immediately. He's so broke that, even after winning the Lottery, I couldn't fish him out. But I could help him get a fresh start -- $2,000 is what he says he needs to get a good bankruptcy attorney/financial advisor. I'd try to help him refinance that obscene mortgage of his, too. He's such a good man. I'd so love to be able to help him.

7) My nephew would get to go on his class trip to Washington DC next year. He wants to go badly but he always says he knows it costs too much for his family budget. I think it's $500. 

8) I'd pay for my niece's books at college next year. I can't do for her brother and not for her. Besides, she works very hard -- both at school and preparing food at a local restaurant. She deserves a break!

9) I'd subscribe to the local PBS station. Last year I only sent them $20. I feel so guilty during the pledge drives because I watch Downtown Abbey and Chicago Tonight without contributing my fair share.

10) I'd get lash extensions! I'd love to have long, luxurious lashes.

11) I'd finally renovate my kitchen and bathroom, and I'd give the rest of this place a nice, fresh coat of paint.


13) And the cats and I would stay in a nice, air conditioned motel while all the work is being done.

The next drawing is Saturday. Wish me luck!   

For more about the Thursday 13, 
or to play along yourself, click here.


  1. Good plans. I like that you'd help others Then, I like the hotel stay and the new kitchen. Now you have me day dreaming. Hmm. What would I do?

  2. Good luck with that :-)

  3. if I won $10,000 I'd give you half to keep passing on the good. The U.S. is in such terrible financial straits these days.

  4. It is fun to daydream about what you'd do if the boat crashed through the front door. You are a good egg.

  5. What a fun dream! I hope it becomes reality.

  6. It's always fun to see what people would do if they won the lottery. Among the first things I would do are move, get new glasses and renew my passport. My post


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