Saturday, May 04, 2013

Sunday Stealing

The Wish List Meme, part two 

26.) If you had to order from a kid's menu, what would you get?  Grilled cheese

27.) Do you speak any other languages?  I tried to learn Spanish but I let myself get distracted. I must try again!

28.) Do you use Twitter? Yes, when watching NCIS or a Cub game. It's like being in a bar without having to actually deal with people.

29.) Do you go onto YouTube?  Yes, and I'm always fascinated by the crap that's up there. I mean, it never occurred to me that this clip would matter to anyone but me, but here it is. And it's gotten more than 100,000 views! (And before you click on it, beware. It is indeed crap; the epic teeny bopper pairing of Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy.)

30.) Do you play Angry Birds? Not as well as my nephew, which is humbling because he's 13.

31.) Do you like theme parties? No.

32.) Do you like current cartoons?  No.

33.) Have you ever cried because you were so happy?  No. (I feel bad with all these no's, like I'm not giving this meme my all.)

34.) Who would you like to see in concert? Recently I've seen the Three B's: A Beatle (Sir Paul), The Boss (Springsteen) and Babs (Streisand). And I'd love to see each, any and all again. As soon as possible, please.

35.) Can you swim well? Yes. I think I could do the backstroke forever.

36.) Ever won a contest? Yes. When I was in third grade I won an essay contest from our local newspaper and I used the money to buy a Madame Alexander doll (Jo from Little Women). It meant a great deal to me to find, as I recently went through my mother's belongings for the last time, that she hung onto it for all these years.

37.) Ever won a giveaway?  Yes

38.) Do you get a full 8 hours of sleep every night? Probably, though not uninterrupted.

39.) What tea do you like?  Cranberry pomegranate or cinnamon vanilla, please

40.) What mixed drink do you like? Vodka and ... (Once we've got the vodka, we really can't go wrong, can we?)

41.) Do you shop at Walmart? I'd prefer not to. Parents don't watch their kids and it makes me nervous. I'm always terrified that the little boy or girl who races past me unattended will be on Nancy Grace next week. (This impulse to monitor all children everywhere is why my best friend maintains I must be part border collie.)

42.) Do you shop at Target? I recently started because now there's a "City Target" near my office. Geez, they really do carry everything, don't they? And the "City Target" supposedly has a "limited"

43.) What do you order at your local coffee shop? My local coffee shop is Starbuck's: Tall hot chocolate, no whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon.

44.)  Do you drink bottled or tap water? Tap. I want my old teeth to get as much fluoride as possible.

45.) Do you like homemade meals?  Not if I have to cook them.

46.) Do you like homemade baked goods?  Not if I have to bake them.

47.) Do you shop online?  Yes, indeedy!

48.) Name 3 stores online stores you would like to shop at:, Amazon and Ebay

49.) What holiday don't you like? They have each been a challenge since my mother died last fall. I'm sure I'll enjoy them all again. It's just hard now.

50.) What do you eat more when you're sick? Gooey cheesey stuff. Like mac and cheese.


  1. I never thought of using Twitter during episodes of NCIS. And how lucky for you to see Streisand in concert. I only saw her in concert once, at the very beginning of her career when she was the opening act for the Kingston Trio.

  2. Grilled cheese, yeah! Hubby and I were just talking about grilled cheeses and tomato soup today at lunch. I think it's a favorite for a lot of people!

  3. I forgot about grilled cheese. Yum, I'd pick it instead of salad.

    Great answers, fun-#41 and also poignant-#36.

  4. OMG the guy snapping his fingers in that video was hysterical! I never thought of Twitter during TV shows, it's usually during sporting events, or something bad happening. I was glued for a few days with all the stuff in Boston.
    I'm due for a Church of Springsteen healing soon myself! :)

  5. If you get the right Target, it can be a lot of fun to shop at.

  6. I'd prefer not to shop at Wal*Mart either...


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