Saturday, May 04, 2013

It's a good day

My new air conditioner is humming -- and quietly! Thank you, Kenmore. The delivery went almost smoothly. I wasn't crazy about all the whining on the part of Bob, the installer, because he couldn't find a place to park his truck. Um, Bob? That's a YP, not a MP. After yesterday's screw up, I wasn't in a mood to be especially helpful. All I said was, "I can't help that." This cannot be the first condo in a congested area that he's installed in. And he worked it out somehow. Once Bob got up here to do his work, all was well. I was a little disappointed to learn that, to his knowledge, my old unit will be scrapped. It did still work, and at the Sears store they implied it would be recycled. Maybe it's too old, and there aren't any parts that can be used. I comfort my conscience with the words of Snarky Pants and Bud, who assure me that at least this new unit will burn less energy over the long haul.

Then I tried a new restaurant (at least new to me) here in town for breakfast. Brunch, I guess, since I got there at 11:00. I was able to eat outside, because the day was so nice and sunny. I had a bacon/egg flatbread and their "brunch punch" (mango vodka, champagne and pineapple juice). This was the first time I had a drink with my breakfast since Key West. I said a silent toast to my friends down there -- especially Ted, who is battling a brain tumor. It seemed like a fitting way to remember them in prayer, as I was doing just what we'd be doing if we were together.

I feel bad because I'm about to abandon the book I read over breakfast, Anne Frank's Family. I want to like it, I do! I think it's neat that Anne's paternal grandmother was as good and dedicated a writer as Anne. But I don't care about Anne's great-grandparents. They never knew her, barely knew her father Otto, and they seem very distant and snobby, anyway. Oh well, maybe I'll just skip those parts. It's important to remember that, in addition to their father, Anne and Margot left cousins and a grandmother who loved them, and that for them, Anne's story is more than a chronicle of long-ago horror. It was real and intimate.

Then I came home and watched the Cub game. Yes, they lost. And OK, it was a heartbreaker. But you know what? Those are the exciting games. I'd have preferred a win, of course, but it's a long season and we will win our share!

I'm worried about my oldest friend and my best friend. They each seem to have hit a rough patch. But I prefer not to write about that just now. Maybe later.


  1. If I drank, that Brunch Punch would be just the thing. Glad you had a lovely day :)

  2. Sounds like a great day! Hope there are lots more in store!