Friday, May 31, 2013

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: (Amazing) Just the Way You Are
Thanks to Smellyann for the song suggestion

1) This song is about a girl who can't accept how pretty she is. How do you respond to compliments? Do you accept them graciously, or do you get embarrassed? I'm always pretty dismissive. Tell me my eyes are a pretty green and I'll credit my eyeshadow. You get the idea.
2) Bruno says he takes inspiration from a variety of musical styles -- everything from rock to reggae to hip hop. What kind of music do you listen to most often? Pop
3) Bruno's uncle was a professional Elvis impersonator, and as a little boy Bruno also performed on stage as the King. When you picture Elvis, do you think of early rock'n'roll Elvis from the 1950s, Technicolor Hollywood Elvis of the 1960s, or the rhinestone jumpsuit Elvis who performed in Las Vegas? I love all phases of The King, but young Elvis is my favorite. 

4) Bruno plays several instruments onstage, including piano, guitar and congas. What instruments can you play? Not a one. I'm possibly the least musically gifted person you'll ever meet.
5) Bruno is touring all over the country this summer. What's the last concert you attended? I saw Streisand last October. It was a terrible time in my life -- my mother's final illness and death -- and I'll always be grateful one of my girlhood heroines gave me something to look forward to.
6) Unlike some other stars, Bruno doesn't demand a lot of luxuries on the road, but he did admit to TMZ that he insists Wet Wipes be provided for his dressing room. If you could ask your boss for anything, anything at all, to make your workplace more comfortable, what would you request? I have a lot of complaints about my job, but the company I work for is aces in this regard. They even brought us all hotdogs and Cracker Jack this past week to celebrate the Crosstown Classic (when the Cubs play the White Sox).
7) Rumors are flying that Bruno might become a judge on American Idol. Are you an Idol fan? Do you watch any of the other "talent search" shows -- The Voice, America's Got Talent, The X Factor, etc.? I used to love Idol, but I didn't really watch this year because Nikki and Mariah arguing and being all "mean girls" gave me a headache.

8) Bruno is an unapologetic cigarette smoker. Do you smoke? Have you quit? Or did you never start? Now why would a boy with such glorious pipes smoke? Bruno, stop it! No, I've never smoked.
9) Billy Joel also had a hit with the title "Just the Way You Are." If we were going to do karaoke, which version would you sing -- Billy's or Bruno's? I'm not doing karaoke. And you wouldn't want me to.


  1. I totally agree with you about Bruno smoking - sad! :( So jealous you got to see Barbra! My mother loved her; the last movie we saw before she died was Yentl. I credit other things when I receive compliments, too.

    Great answers! Happy weekend.

  2. I usually am so stunned to receive a compliment that I just acknowledge it as quickly as I can and awkwardly move on.

  3. We might be tied for the least musically gifted person.

  4. I have this weird aversion to Bruno Mars that has no basis in any logical thing. Every time I hear his songs I think "poseur" and switch the station. I just cannot stand him.

    No one wants to hear me do Karaoke either so I'm with you there.

    Happy Saturday!

  5. Isn't it CRAZY to think he smokes? :o/

  6. I don't even know who Bruno is- I'm so out of it....

  7. I'm just going to sit next to you and we can be the two least musically talented people anyone has ever met. ... ... Except we have good taste in music, right? That's more than some people have. ;)

  8. I wish that my voice had progressed enough that anyone would want to hear me sing karaoke. My singing voice is...monotone.